Client: Technology Innovation Agency

Role: Designer 

Year: 2013


Edu Space, Work station has been designed to generate a more creative and stimulating environment for learning and holistic childhood development.

The workstation supports holistic childhood development by providing each learner with a personalised workstation designed to provide maximum comfort and physiological support.This allows learners to fully benefit from classroom activities and comfortably engage in optimal learning.

  • How do they work?

  • The workstations can be arranged into a selection of layouts to support cooperative learning, and these can be adjusted according to the needs of the educator. In turn, this encourages positive social interaction and creative activity. In addition, this unique design allows children to join tables together seamlessly should more space be necessary as they get older.

    Eduspace Workstations are made from plywood, tubular steel legs and polyurethane plugs that hold the table together. The durable nature of these materials and technology-based manufacturing ensure a quality product that is able to withstand the pressures of daily school life. 

  • The Challenge 

  • How might we foster creativity and collaboration in the classroom in a world where linear setups are the norm and spaces don’t cater for different scenarios? 

  • Awards

    Design Indaba – emerging creatives 

    • World Design capital project

    • Technology Innovation Agency Funding