Proximity Marketing App

Type: Product Design

Client: Lacuna Digital 

Role: UX Designer

Year: 2018

Consumers seek personal, relevant and unique engagement experiences. However, current marketing channels have become saturated, making it harder for businesses to captivate their audience. 
While smartphones and technology are increasingly intertwined in consumers lives, these advancements in digital technologies are creating unique opportunities. This enables businesses to directly influence the consumer journey, through immersive experiences and interlinked campaigns, further creating meaningful and lasting brand connections. 


This product ecosystem addresses this opportunity by enabling new digital channels to directly engage consumers, cutting through the existing marketing cluttering and giving brands full control over when and how consumers receive relevant content.

The main activities involved the Value Proposition, Information Architecture, Product specifications, User Experience Design, Prototyping and wireframing.

The technology enablers include beacons, GPS and NFC.


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