We can teach you how to design, fast track and bring design capabilities to your project

Ideaflow Studio specialises in Design Thinking. This is a methodology used  at the early stages of a project where ideas can really come to life and a concept is built to address the real needs of users. 

Education, Workshops & Facilitation

We have lots of experience in putting together custom Design Thinking courses and running them. 

Programme Design

We can help you build Design Thinking education programmes from scratch that meet the custom needs of your organisation


If you have any challenge you want to tackle, we can help you fast by adapting our workshop templates to meet the needs of your project

Coaching and Facilitation

We offer the facilitation of workshops to optimise on the flow and best outcomes. Coaching can be one-on-one or team based depending on your needs

Research and Design

We have lots of experience on how to understand the user and how to design experiences that speak to their personal experience and un-met needs.

User Research

We can help you understand the needs of your users and customers, by using various qualitative research methods

User Experience

We can help build seamless and desirable user experiences, using methods like storyboarding, user journeys and service blueprints


We can help you prototype you solution, whether it be a new physical or digital product. We look at both the UX architecture and low fidelity methods

Product &
Service Design

We have lots of experience in what it takes to develop useful products and services, from the user perspective, to the concept development, to evaluating the viable and feasible factors of the business model.

Product Design

We can help you build new products, especially before any development is done, validating and building the products through research, ideation and low-medium fidelity prototypes

Service Design

We can help you with the research, ideation and prototyping phases of a new service or help you map out your existing service and use ideation methods and Service Blueprints to improve them

Business Model Design

We can help you evaluated your ideas and start to make viable sense of the concept using tools like the Business Model canvas and lean startup approaches

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