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Ideaflow offers virtual workshop facilitation and Virtual Design Thinking sprints

Our virtual offerings

Virtual Facilitation ♦ Remote Design Sprints 

Virtual Facilitation & Programme Design

Facilitation is a skill that requires a different approach to that of a designer. Through frequent experimentation, coaching  and practice. Ideaflow has developed programmes and tools to make the most of a Design Thinking remote project. 

Design Thinking facilitators also require experience in terms of what programme works best for the needs of the project. You might want to do a 5day Design Sprint or have an ideation session and need some help planning it out. Whether, you  need guidance or a more hands-on approach, Ideaflow can help you design, prepare and execute your virtual workshop.

If you’d like your teams to get experience and apply Design Thinking, then we have packages for different types of Design Thinking programmes to fit different needs. 

Ideaflow Digital Studio offers:


  • – Remote design thinking workshops custom to the needs of your organisation
  • – Remote design sprints aimed to fast track the Design of a new idea or existing one 
  • – Remote Ideation sessions that can used to come up with news ideas relevant to a challenge or better an existing one
  • – Problem and solution framing workshops

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